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Testimonials - What people say about Doctor Sharyn

I have found that CBT is far more oriented and you feel as though you accomplish (small) victories when you follow the steps that you have given me. It is not just ‘clearing your head’ but understanding your brain. You have provided me with the necessary steps to live a meaningful life by focussing on the areas I struggle with. I am so thankful for the way you have helped me. – T.W., ABU DHABI, UAE

Sharyn is easy to talk to and listens to what is causing people to worry. I could talk to her all day about things. She makes me feel like things will get better by providing me with techniques that work and will continue to work. Sharyn has helped me take control of my anxiety and get back to living my life! Thanks for all your help. – D.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

Dr Sharyn helped me deal with my anxiety. In just four sessions I noticed a radical shift in my perception of life and the difficulties that arise. I now feel much better and much more confident in facing my everyday challenges. – E.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

I would advise the person to go in with an open mind and be ready to learn. I would tell them that what I learned are sustainable and refreshing coping mechanisms. I suggest that CBT and Sharyn helped me with structured discussion and not to be concerned with thoughts of traditional Hollywood therapy. It felt so much more. – R.N., ABU DHABI, UAE

Very organized, and listens attentively and empathetically. – B.R., ABU DHABI, UAE

Sharyn helped me to manage my anxiety and worries. I really enjoyed the sessions and they flew by! I feel equipped to tackle future problems in my life. Sharyn was able to help me to work through real problems in a way that make me feel calmer, less anxious and more able to cope. Thank you Sharyn :) – J.N., ABU DHABI, UAE