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Thought records

In CBT we work to change thinking that is maladaptive — thinking that will not work well for you. Specific thinking processes we work with include automatic thoughts, cognitive errors, misattributions (assigning negative/unhelpful meanings to events) and core beliefs.

Helps with: mind chatter

Your brain on anxiety

In this book, I explain cognitive behaviour therapy in detail, talk about why it’s so effective, and outline techniques and practical exercises that will set you on the path to an anxiety-free life.

Helps with: anxiety, depression, ruminatio

Twelve ways to change your thinking

Brains love to make sense of things, to figure out and understand the reasons behind things and to attach meaning to events. However, when your thoughts become stuck in an overwhelmingly negative cycle, you might struggle to get free.

Helps with: anxiety, depression

"I was expecting to let someone know and understand my issues without any judgements. Yes, you not only understood but made me realise a whole lot more of emotions that I never thought I had."

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