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Have a burning issue you need help with?

Feel confused and overwhelmed?

Know that you need to make a start?

What to check out the therapy process and see how it feels?


Why choose FastAnswer?

  • Get clear about what's really happening
  • Understand brain behavior
  • Begin your journey to change

FastFix - 30 days

Three steps:

Assess - Explore - Change

Get intensive support to solve problems

Learn fundamental psychological skills to manage your thoughts and feelings

FastFix a problem that stops you achieving or feeling good


Why choose FastFix?

  • Get psychological skills, tools and strategies that work
  • Stop feeling lost and helpless
  • Find a reliable pathway to getting calm, confident and capabile

ProblemSolve - 60 days

Six steps:

Assess - Explore - Change - Your unconscious - Rewire - Create

Sort out a long-standing difficult problem

Learn about, and understand, your brain

Change problem behaviors that mess up your life (self-sabotage)


Why choose ProblemSolver?

  • Get rid of old, sticky thoughts and feelings that haunt you
  • Undo thinking and behaviour patterns that hang around
  • Use neuroscience-based strategies to require your brain


Need urgent help to fix your relationship?

Don’t know what to do next?

Wonder what you can do to make your relationship really work?

Want somewhere to start that will change what’s going on between you?


Why choose FastAnswer?

  • Get clear about what’s really happening between you
  • Understand how relationships really work
  • Start to work on your relationship right away

FastFix – 60 days

Three steps:

Assess - Understand - Change

Learn fundamental principles of how relationships work

Build emotional connections and change the interactions between you

Undo fixed patterns of behaviours that tear you apart and build new ways of responding


Why choose FastFix?

  • Learn emotional skills and exercises that re-invent your relationship#
  • Change unhelpful behaviours and build resilience
  • Focus on creating a future together; develop a caring and intimate relationship