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What people expected

I expected to develop better coping skills, to learn how to think more positively and to resolve issues from my childhood that bother me. The expectations were met and I feel like I have improved in all areas. – C.B., ABU DHABI, UAE

My expectations were fairly low after previous therapy sessions in the UK which I found upsetting as we discussed difficult feelings but without explanation, analysis or resolution. My sessions with Dr Sharyn totally exceeded expectations. I’m incredibly optimistic about my future and feel well equipped to deal with my negative thinking. – M.M., ABU DHABI, UAE

I expected a solution for my anxiety but not only my anxiety was almost defused, I got to understand how my brain works in all life aspects. – L.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

My expectations from my time working with Dr Kennedy were to mainly reduce my stress and anxiety levels and to develop methods and tools whereby I could manage my stress and anxiety levels in a more effective manner. I feel that my expectations were met very well and in a relatively short space of time I had developed means (through using CBT) to deal with mismanaged trains of thoughts etc. with more success. – R.A., ABU DHABI, UAE

I had a handful of expectations - I myself wasn’t sure I could meet them. After a few sessions I learned how to manage all of my expectations through your help and guidance. – L.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

What people gained

I met with James to discuss and address issues surrounding my marriage that were creating unhappiness. After a couple of sessions James was able to gently identify the underlying problems and helped create a platform of openness that has enabled us to address the issues more openly and honestly. James approached our issue with a great deal of sensitivity and we were comfortable opening up to him. – M. A., ABU DHABI

Dr. Sharyn was a balanced mediator that allowed my partner and me to express our concerns to each other in a safe way. More importantly, she left us with tangible exercises and assignments to improve our communication beyond the sessions. – H. M., ABU DHABI

Each session had a focus and we achieved something in particular. It was educative and collaborative, and I was given a task to complete on what we talked about. Dr Sharyn was always very kind and provides a safe space for her clients. – C.B., ABU DHABI, UAE

When I first came to see Sharyn I could not see a positive future for myself. I have left here with a sense of self-worth and I can see a good and positive future for myself - I feel strong and able to tackle my negative thoughts. – S.W., AUCKLAND, NZ

I learned to really manage my anxiety for the first time in my life. It’s helped me to be a better husband, father, friend and employee! I feel calmer and happier. – J.N., ABU DHABI, UAE

You helped me to listen to the anxiety that I felt and you taught me how to work through it whereas before I was trying to suppress it. The past few weeks I have begun to go out with friends and family, and allow myself the joy of doing things without worrying so much. – T.W., ABU DHABI, UAE

As a result of working with Dr Sharyn, I was finally able to control and reduce my chronic anxiety. In addition, I was able to make progress in confronting my problems as opposed to running away from them. Lastly, I worked on becoming much more balanced within relationships and recognising patterns of mistrust and abuse that had occurred within relationships in the past. – D.A., ABU DHABI, UAE

Negative thoughts are not scary anymore. They are actually funny sometimes. Me and my brain are friends now :) – L.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

I have really benefited coming to speak to Dr Sharyn as I now have the strategies I need to change my thinking so I don’t try to control everything around me and I don’t let things stress me out as before. I’m a much happier person and can let others make decisions even if I don’t agree fully, I won’t stress out and take over. – A.A., ABU DHABI, UAE

What people say about Doctor Sharyn and James

Sharyn is professional and warm. She has an amazing understanding of the tools we have access to and can make what is overwhelming personally become manageable and understandable. She is helping me understand I do not need to be a victim of life or my negative behaviours. – J.AL., ABU DHABI, UAE

It was because of James that I was able to recognise what was going on in my marriage, take action as well as begin the healing process. He was compassionate with his advice, thoughtful with his suggestions, and kind with his support. He never pushed me to make a particular decision, but instead he guided me through my thought process which empowered me to my own conclusions and create my action plan. For this I am very grateful. – L.C., ABU DHABI, UAE

Dr. Sharyn is amazing at her job. She listens to what you say and gives you the strategies you need to be a happier you. She goes through the strategies to ensure you know how to use them. She explains how these strategies work in the brain too. What I liked the most was, there was no focus on labelling what your issue was. You discuss why you feel and act in a certain way and what is happening in your body and brain when this happens. Dr Sharyn gives you techniques you need to change your way of thinking in a positive way. – A.A., ABU DHABI, UAE

Very organized, and listens attentively and empathetically. – B.R., ABU DHABI, UAE

Sharyn helped me to manage my anxiety and worries. I really enjoyed the sessions and they flew by! I feel equipped to tackle future problems in my life. Sharyn was able to help me to work through real problems in a way that make me feel calmer, less anxious and more able to cope. Thank you Sharyn :) – J.N., ABU DHABI, UAE

I would advise the person to go in with an open mind and be ready to learn. I would tell them that what I learned are sustainable and refreshing coping mechanisms. I suggest that CBT and Sharyn helped me with structured discussion and not to be concerned with thoughts of traditional Hollywood therapy. It felt so much more. – R.N., ABU DHABI, UAE

Dr Sharyn helped me deal with my anxiety. In just four sessions I noticed a radical shift in my perception of life and the difficulties that arise. I now feel much better and much more confident in facing my everyday challenges. – E.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

Sharyn is easy to talk to and listens to what is causing people to worry. I could talk to her all day about things. She makes me feel like things will get better by providing me with techniques that work and will continue to work. Sharyn has helped me take control of my anxiety and get back to living my life! Thanks for all your help. – D.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

I have found that CBT is far more oriented and you feel as though you accomplish (small) victories when you follow the steps that you have given me. It is not just ‘clearing your head’ but understanding your brain. You have provided me with the necessary steps to live a meaningful life by focussing on the areas I struggle with. I am so thankful for the way you have helped me. – T.W., ABU DHABI, UAE