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Testimonials - What people expected

I expected to develop better coping skills, to learn how to think more positively and to resolve issues from my childhood that bother me. The expectations were met and I feel like I have improved in all areas. – C.B., ABU DHABI, UAE

My expectations were fairly low after previous therapy sessions in the UK which I found upsetting as we discussed difficult feelings but without explanation, analysis or resolution. My sessions with Dr Sharyn totally exceeded expectations. I’m incredibly optimistic about my future and feel well equipped to deal with my negative thinking. – M.M., ABU DHABI, UAE

I expected a solution for my anxiety but not only my anxiety was almost defused, I got to understand how my brain works in all life aspects. – L.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

My expectations from my time working with Dr Kennedy were to mainly reduce my stress and anxiety levels and to develop methods and tools whereby I could manage my stress and anxiety levels in a more effective manner. I feel that my expectations were met very well and in a relatively short space of time I had developed means (through using CBT) to deal with mismanaged trains of thoughts etc. with more success. – R.A., ABU DHABI, UAE

I had a handful of expectations - I myself wasn’t sure I could meet them. After a few sessions I learned how to manage all of my expectations through your help and guidance. – L.S., ABU DHABI, UAE