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Testimonials - What people gained

I met with James to discuss and address issues surrounding my marriage that were creating unhappiness. After a couple of sessions James was able to gently identify the underlying problems and helped create a platform of openness that has enabled us to address the issues more openly and honestly. James approached our issue with a great deal of sensitivity and we were comfortable opening up to him. – M. A., ABU DHABI

Dr. Sharyn was a balanced mediator that allowed my partner and me to express our concerns to each other in a safe way. More importantly, she left us with tangible exercises and assignments to improve our communication beyond the sessions. – H. M., ABU DHABI

Each session had a focus and we achieved something in particular. It was educative and collaborative, and I was given a task to complete on what we talked about. Dr Sharyn was always very kind and provides a safe space for her clients. – C.B., ABU DHABI, UAE

When I first came to see Sharyn I could not see a positive future for myself. I have left here with a sense of self-worth and I can see a good and positive future for myself - I feel strong and able to tackle my negative thoughts. – S.W., AUCKLAND, NZ

I learned to really manage my anxiety for the first time in my life. It’s helped me to be a better husband, father, friend and employee! I feel calmer and happier. – J.N., ABU DHABI, UAE

You helped me to listen to the anxiety that I felt and you taught me how to work through it whereas before I was trying to suppress it. The past few weeks I have begun to go out with friends and family, and allow myself the joy of doing things without worrying so much. – T.W., ABU DHABI, UAE

As a result of working with Dr Sharyn, I was finally able to control and reduce my chronic anxiety. In addition, I was able to make progress in confronting my problems as opposed to running away from them. Lastly, I worked on becoming much more balanced within relationships and recognising patterns of mistrust and abuse that had occurred within relationships in the past. – D.A., ABU DHABI, UAE

Negative thoughts are not scary anymore. They are actually funny sometimes. Me and my brain are friends now :) – L.S., ABU DHABI, UAE

I have really benefited coming to speak to Dr Sharyn as I now have the strategies I need to change my thinking so I don’t try to control everything around me and I don’t let things stress me out as before. I’m a much happier person and can let others make decisions even if I don’t agree fully, I won’t stress out and take over. – A.A., ABU DHABI, UAE