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Individual therapy

Does therapy really help? Can you ever come back to feeling normal? What is it like being in therapy?

You may think therapy is just talk. But you’ve discussed your problems with friends hundreds of times, and it didn’t help.

You may think therapy is just getting to understand your brain. But you’ve read endless articles about how your brain works, and it didn’t help either.

You still can’t sleep at night, stuck in a vicious circle of negative thoughts.

You still feel your heart racing when you go outside.

And you still feel helpless, overwhelmed with deep sadness. So helpless it makes you cry.

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Can therapy really help you?

Therapy has been proven to help millions around the world to:

  • Cope with depression, anxiety or panic attacks
  • Work through trauma or loss
  • Manage stress at work or in a relationship
  • Cope with lifestyle changes and health problems
  • Sleep better and wake up with more energy
  • Build up confidence and self-esteem

Why? Because you can rewire your brain, and your therapist will show you how to do it.

Therapy is your safe space to get rid of that emotional load you’ve been carrying around and to share your deepest thoughts and feelings without being judged.

But your therapist won’t only sit there and listen.
They’ll reassure you that your feelings are valid, provide you with a fresh perspective and teach you new coping strategies to help you rewire your brain – change the way you think, feel and act to bring back joy into your life.

You’ll be surprised by the positive changes you’ll feel already after the first session.

What people say

Dr Sharyn helped me deal with my anxiety. In just four sessions I noticed a radical shift in my perception of life and the difficulties that arise. I now feel much better and much more confident in facing my everyday challenges.
Sharyn is professional and warm. She has an amazing understanding of the tools we have access to and can make what is overwhelming personally become manageable and understandable. She is helping me understand I do not need to be a victim of life or my negative behaviours.

What is it like being in therapy?

During therapy sessions, we’ll talk a lot. You’ll tell your therapist your story – what’s happening in your life right now, what’s bothering you, what you’re thinking about.

Your therapist, in turn, will listen, ask their questions and answer yours, explain to you how your brain works and why you feel that way. They’ll also show you practical exercises you can do to break the cycle of negative thoughts, to calm your anxiety or to feel less stressed.

What you discuss in every session is up to you.

Is there a certain outcome you’d like a session to have? For example, what to do when you can’t let go of awful thoughts and feelings about a relationship or how to develop confidence to express yourself in front of your superiors at work.

Your therapist will make sure that you leave their office armed with tools and strategies to help you master that difficult situation with confidence.

Are there ongoing issues you’ve been struggling with for a while? For example, depression, anxiety or childhood trauma.

Over several sessions, we’ll work together towards uncovering the root causes of your problems to figure out the best strategies that you can use every day to bring back joy into your life.

What people are saying

When I first came to see Sharyn I could not see a positive future for myself. I have left here with a sense of self-worth and I can see a good and positive future for myself – I feel strong and able to tackle my negative thoughts.
Each session had a focus and we achieved something in particular. It was educative and collaborative, and I was given a task to complete on what we talked about. Dr Sharyn was always very kind and provides a safe space for her clients.
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Besides individual therapy sessions in-person, we also offer email via email or via audio / video call

Accelerated Therapy via Email

Have a burning issue you need help with right now? Don’t have the time for a personal visit? Get help within 48 hours with Accelerated Email Therapy.

Comprehensive Therapy via Audio/Video Call

Feel like you need ongoing support but don’t have the time to come into our office? Book Comprehensive Therapy via audio or video call and get the help you need without leaving your house.

Book an individual therapy session

Take the first step to bringing back joy into your life. Book a session with just a couple of clicks (no need for a phone call).

Dr. Sharyn Kennedy
Dr. Sharyn Kennedy

Dr. Sharyn is a Western-trained psychotherapist who specializes in cognitive behaviour therapy.

Book a session with her if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, overwhelming emotions or negative thoughts, especially related to your past or current relationship.

You’ll be able to see the fees and select between in-person, email or call therapy on the next page.

What people are saying

Dr. Sharyn is amazing at her job. She listens to what you say and gives you the strategies you need to be a happier you. She goes through the strategies to ensure you know how to use them. She explains how these strategies work in the brain too. What I liked the most was, there was no focus on labelling what your issue was. You discuss why you feel and act in a certain way and what is happening in your body and brain when this happens. Dr Sharyn gives you techniques you need to change your way of thinking in a positive way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ever go back to being normal?
Even if you don’t feel like it right now, the chances are good that you can feel like your happy self again. But this will only happen if you take the first (and most difficult) step to start your therapy. Therapy will help you understand and cope with your negative thoughts and feelings and will offer you a new, unbiased perspective and effective tools that you can use to feel better every day.
Do you accept insurance?
We don’t take insurance but can provide receipts so that you can claim the costs on your insurance later. If you aren’t sure whether your insurance will cover such claims, please double check with them before your first session with us.
Do you offer remote sessions?
Yes, we do. For now, due to the coronavirus threat, we offer only remote sessions, via email or audio/video call. You can learn more about how it works by visiting the “Therapy via email” or “Therapy via audio or video call” page.
How many sessions would I need?
The number of sessions you’d need to see positive changes in your life depends on your specific situation. Here’s what we know from our experience: One to two sessions are enough to solve a small problem, for example learning brain-based tips and strategies to manage anxious brains or understanding more about negative thoughts and feelings. A solution-focused approach can bring about significant changes in as few as four sessions, even if your problems are more complex. In case of deep-rooted issues, like childhood trauma, depression or addiction, you’d likely need more than four sessions to feel long-lasting positive results. You don’t have to commit to multiple sessions at once and can decide if you need or don’t need another session on the spot.