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Here it comes again

Posted 23rd of April, 2019 at 10:00am by Sharyn Kennedy

  • The feeling that grabs you and stops you in your tracks
  • The feeling that leaves you feeling stunned or powerless
  • The feeling that rips away your focus and concentration
  • The feeling that you hate/feel bad about/try to avoid

When that feeling is triggered inside of you, here is a way to work through it:

  1. Name the feeling. Remember that when you ‘name it you can tame it.’. Say, “Here’s a feeling of fear/worry/being stuck.”.
  2. Find the feeling. Where is it in your body? Notice how it really feels – is it a ball, a square, a hot or cold feeling? Is it smooth, prickly, orange or blue? Does it have something to say?
    Really pay attention to this feeling. Use your mind to know more about the feeling – be curious.
  3. Look for choices. Open your mind a little. Try not to judge yourself or make yourself wrong. Ask yourself, “What is another way I could be with this feeling? ” “What are other
    ideas that might help me feel differently? ” “What choices and ideas are there for me to work with?”
  4. Take action. Start by taking the beginning steps from one of these ideas. Move on.

These steps can help you move through a feeling rather than around or away from it.

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