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Girl thinking with eyes closed

Three ways to practise mindfulness

Mindfulness practices help you be open to the experience of living — to be free of what your mind says and to experience peace, calm and relaxation.     Continue reading…

Are you living in the present?

We find it almost impossible to stay in the ‘here and now.’ Our minds are continually rehashing the past and considering the future, while simultaneously reasoning through and evaluating options, ideas and experiences.     Continue reading…
Wave crashing

Here it comes again

That feeling that grabs you and stops you in your tracks. That feeling that leaves you feeling stunned or powerless. When that feeling is triggered inside of you, there is a way to work through it.     Continue reading…
Traffic jam

About Thinking – Automatic thoughts (from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

Automatic thinking is a stream of thinking that is triggered by events or memories and ideas. It is often outside of your awareness, but you can easily bring it back into your awareness. Automatic thinking is predominantly negative, often constant and continuous, and can be thought of as ‘mind chatter.’     Continue reading…
Men playing chess

Are you a flexible thinker?

We love the idea of flexible, agile bodies, but what about flexible, agile minds?     Continue reading…
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