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Couple eating icecream

Do you know enough about your partner?

Love Maps keep you in touch with your partner and provide you with a bunch of ideas you can use to keep your relationship on track. You know what your partner likes, desires and dreams about — knowing these things helps you plan surprises, give gifts and provide timely support and encouragement.     Continue reading…
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How to talk about problem situations with your partner

Here are some communication tips that will help you achieve a healthier relationship.     Continue reading…
Friends laughing

When good things happen, do you ever really notice?

Sometimes good things might be happening around you, but you may not feel happy. You might wonder if your brain will ever allow you to experience happiness.     Continue reading…
Couple talking on steps

Is your relationship working?

Relationships work when people feel safe, valued, appreciated and understood.     Continue reading…
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How to use emotion in conversations with your partner

Partners who share what is happening to them with each other can create a strong emotional connection. Here's how to have an intimate conversation that holds emotional connection.     Continue reading…
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When there is criticism

One of the most destructive interactions that you can have in your relationship is criticism. Criticizing your partner leaves him/her feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong with who they are.     Continue reading…
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Respond to your partner

Relationships work when you feel ‘safe’ and ‘connected’ to your partner. Connecting emotionally to your partner is a skill you can learn and practice.     Continue reading…
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